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About The Box Shop

Muffy Owens, Owner/Operator of The Box Shop:

While serving as President of La Mesa National Little Leaque (1991-1993 and 1995), I decided to go into business for myself. I felt if I could run a Litttle League, I could run a business.

We are a family run business. Our sons, Patrick and Daniel and my husband, Jack, have packaged literally thousands of fragile items over the years.

On November 1, 1992, we opened our store The Box Shop at 8630 La Mesa Blvd. The Player Agent from our Little League gave us a great deal on rent and our store was located next to his business, Drapery Corner. My husband and I did not know much about the shipping business, but the Mail Boxes, Etc. seemed to be doing well and we felt, as an independent, we could do well too!

Those first two years were eye openers for us. We were learning a lot - the hard way. First, we realized our location was horrible. We didn't offer enough services. But somehow our business grew, as did our services, and in 1994 we moved to 8794 La Mesa Blvd. Our visisbility was great, and we expanded our services to include mail box rental and gifts.

After our tenth anniversary, in 2002, we felt it was time to expand our shipping services. Up until this point we only offered UPS and a few postal services. We teamed up with FedEx Air and Ground and expanded our postal services. We provide all postal services with the exception of Registered Mail.

We use these postal service carriers: UPS, FedEx, and the USPS. We are members of the Associated Mail and Parcel Centers and we are a La Mesa, San Diego Neighborhood Postal Center.

Over the years we joined two organizations which have helped us tremendously - The Association of Mail and Parcels Centers (AMPC) and Neighborhood Postal Centers (NPC). These fine organizations taught us new and innovative ways to run our business while meeting other mail and parcel center owners. One of the greatest things we gained from being in these groups was where and how to set up a new computerized shipping counter. We went high-tech in 2002 and have not turned back. Our computer screens can show our customers all the rates and times in transit of every carrier so they can make a choice!

Debby B has been with us the longest and is our right hand aid.

In 2008 we moved again! Our previous land lord was charging a ton for rent - so, we moved back down the boulevard to 8697 La Mesa Blvd. in the Mart Square. The third move (and our last!) has deffinately been a charm! We love our neighbors at the USE Credit Union and La Mesa Bristo - and we gained many new, wonderful customers.

As many of our customers know, we are a family run business. Our sons, Patrick and Daniel both had their first job at our store. My husband, Jack, has packaged literally thousands of fragile items over the years. We have been blessed with wonderful employees too -
Debby B. has been with us the longest (almost eight years!) and is our right hand aid.

Celebrating 25 Years!

As we enter our twenty-fifth year, we would like to thank all our staff and carrier drivers - they all work so hard delivering and picking up our shipments, and most importantly, our great customers!

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When you're in a rush and don't have time to mess with packaging a gift, or wait in long lines at the Post Office, come see us at The Box Shop. We're here to help you!